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The time has come for Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man Original Sin tie-in with Amazing Spider-Man #4. Whilst Spider-Verse is the big Spider-Man event coming this fall, Original Sin is the universe-wide storyline and of course a newly revived Peter Parker would be involved. But how do Peter Parker, Silk, Electro and the Black Cat fit into everything that’s going on? So here’s our belated recap.Amazing Spider-Man #4 8

The issue kicks off with Peter Parker at Parker Industries wearing a faux-lectro suit to test anti-Electro netting. After some witty mid-test banter Spider-Man gets a call from the Avengers. Peter takes Anna Marie to one side and confides in her that he has to go and help the Avengers as Spider-Man, saying that it’s good that they want him back after Doctor Octopus burnt many bridges with his superhero friends. Anna tries to tell Peter that his priorities have changed now that he has a company and he can’t keep scampering off to be a superhero. Sajani asks Anna where Peter is and Anna tries to cover for him but Sajani seems to be at the end of her tether.

Spider-Man arrives in a huge brawl with several superheroes fighting against Mindless Ones. Spider-Man uses the opportunity reacquaint himself with several members of the team by inappropriately reintroducing himself and explaining that he’s back after being mind swapped. After telling Thing, Falcon, Kitty Pryde, Hulk and Wolverine he finally realises that the Watcher has been murdered and the situation is serious.

Just then a mysterious figure raises one of the Watcher’s eyes and uses it as a bomb the eye goes off affecting everyone nearby and causing them to learn all of the secrets that have been kept from them. Peter crawls up into a ball as he learns that the spider that bit him also bit someone else, a girl called Cindy. He then sees that Ezekiel steps in to help Cindy before locking her away because he ‘doesn’t have a choice’.

A dazed and confused Spider-Man instinctively and swiftly makes his way towards Ezekiel’s old building after realising that Cindy Moon could’ve replaced him as Spider-Man long ago, just as Madame Web had once said. Spider-Man angrily reminisces about Ezekiel’s plan to lock him away whilst at the same time breaking into the building. He comes across a video recording of Ezekiel that specifically addresses him and begins to explain whats going on. Peter impetuously breaks the television ending the message.

Peter tells Cindy that he’s there to get her out  and then he opens the door to her vault despite her protestations not to by putting the code in that he’d seen via the Watcher’s eye. Cindy immediately lashes out at Peter explaining that he’s killed them both because now Morlun will come. We then immediately jump cut to ‘far,  far away…’ to see Morlun sat in an oriental looking room, Morlun senses the Spider-Bride and says that the Great Hunt begins.

Amazing Spider-Man #4 9We cut back to Spider-Man and Cindy with Cindy continuing to rant about how Spider-Man’s actions have not only doomed them both, but have also doomed their brothers and sisters, Spider-Man attempts to and then eventually succeeds in telling her that Morlun is dead, whilst becoming very impressed by her advanced spider-powers. Cindy reacts joyfully to the news that she’s free and instantly webs herself a stylish looking Spider-suit and introduces herself for the first time as Silk. The pair then start swinging around New York with Spider-Man desperately trying to catch up to Silk who is enjoying the freedom of web-slinging after being held captive for so long.

We then go back to Parker Industries to see a stealthy Felicia Hardy infiltrating the building and overseeing two workers discussing the anti-Electro plans. We then see a stewing Sajani walking down a corridor leaving Peter a message saying that she’s done putting up with his disappearing acts. Unfortunately for Sajani the timing of the message is awful as the Black Cat grabs her.

We then see that Cindy has naturally swung to her old family home but she’s heartbroken to learn that her family no longer live there. Peter promises to help her find her family. Cindy asks Peter when he killed Morlun to find out when she could have left and Peter begins to talk about the first time he killed Morlun. Cindy/Silk reacts angrily saying that if he came back once he can come back again. Silk tells Peter they’re both in danger and then asks him if he can feel it, he reveals his Spider senses are going haywire and then the two give in to the moment and passionately kiss to end the issue.

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