Ultimate Spider-Man's Avengers application leaked

Getting into the Avengers is just like getting any real-life job that doesn’t require superpowers and a compelling need to do good. You send your CV, you fill out an application form, you stretch the truth as far as you can dare yourself to try and make you stand out that millimetre more than anyone else. Basically applying for jobs is painful which is why we wouldn’t want our job applications leaked online. However for Spider-Man this has recently happened with Disney XD cruelly leaking his application form for the Avengers. Whatever a Spider Can has managed to get our hands on a copy. Check it out below.

Avengers Application

Looking at that application you have to think that Spidey may have dropped the ball a bit, but you never know due to a decline in superpowered applicants he might just get the job. You’ll have to watch Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors to find out if Spider-Man is accepted into the Avengers, because that’s clearly what this faux-application’s purpose is, to market the television cartoon!

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