Spider-Man Noir to lose organic web-shooters in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors

Spider-Man Noir is one of the more popular peripheral Spider-Men being from the 30’s having a cool, darker look and running around with guns during the war. However it looks like the character is going to undergo a slight change when he transitions from the pages of comic books to Disney XD’s third season of Ultimate Spider-Man entitled Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. At least that’s what the following picture seems to suggest.


As you can see all of the various Spider-Verse characters are there, there’s Spider-Man, Agent Venom, Iron Spider, Spider-Man 2099, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Knight and Spider-Girl, as well as Spider-Man Noir in the bottom right-hand corner. You’ll notice that Spider-Man Noir’s appearance is slightly different, with the main thing being that he appears to have wrist mounted web-slingers. This would be a drastic change from the comic-books where Spider-Man Noir has organic webbing but I’d wager this is a deliberate change to remove the rather unchild-friendly pistols from Spider-Man Noir’s repertoire whilst still giving him a ballistic weapon of some kind to set him apart and stay true to the original character.

However all will be revealed when the Spider-Verse portion of Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors finally airs!

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