Donald Glover finally gets to be Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales

Donald Glover is perhaps best known for being Troy Barnes in American sit-com ‘Community’, as far as acting is concerned at least. He’s also pretty well-known as musician Childish Gambino. However the ‘Community’ fans are quite a devout and zealous bunch, they managed to orchestrate the show’s survival to the much quoted ‘six seasons and a movie’ and back in 2010 they tried and failed to get Donald Glover the starring role of Spider-Man in Marc Webb’s first Amazing Spider-Man film.

You may be thinking that this was one of those jokey campaigns that people get involved in for a laugh, but honestly people took it very, very seriously and the hashtag #donald4spiderman blew up all over Twitter as everyone desperately tried to get Donald cast as the Sony reboot’s newest Peter Parker. Whilst Andrew Garfield would go on to become the next Spider-Man, the campaign was so successful that Brian Michael Bendis and Sarah Pichelli used Glover as inspiration and created a new Spider-Man character – Miles Morales, giving the world the first ever black or hispanic Spider-Man.

Miles Morales cartoonSeveral years later and Miles Morales is the shining beacon of hope in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe comic line and has been received incredibly well. In fact he’s so popular that many people consider him an integral part of the Spider-Man mythos now. He’s got a lot going on in the future as he’s set to join the All-New X-Men, is bound to be involved in the massive Spider-Verse storyline event and is finally making his cartoon debut.

Which brings me back to Donald Glover, as Disney and Marvel have cast him as the cartoon version of Miles Morales in what might be one of the best examples of stunt casting I’ve ever seen. In Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, the third season of Disney’s latest Spider-Man cartoon, Peter Parker is set to be joined by several Spider-Men (and women) from different universes, with Miles Morales included.

That’s right Community fans, not only did you get #SixSeasonsAndAMovie but you also, four years late may I add, also achieved #donald4spiderman. And who says social media isn’t a useful tool?

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