Several Spider-Man comics losing 'Stomp Out Bullying' design variant

In October last year Marvel announced that ten of its upcoming comic books would be sporting a ‘Stome Out Bullying’ variant front cover. The comic books were as follows Captain America #25, Avengers #36, Amazing Spider-Man #7, Rocket Raccoon #4, Legendary Star-Lord #4, Guardians Of The Galaxy #20, Hulk #7, Inhuman #7, All-New X-Men #33 and Uncanny X-Men #27.

This was great as I think we can all agree that bullying is just awful. However it now seems that a few of the above comic titles will no longer be released with the ‘Stomp Out Bullying’ variant and to make matters worse the main Marvel superhero that’s missing out will be Spider-Man, a character that pretty much stands for being the proverbial underdog and facing great adversity.

I mean in Amazing Spider-Man 2 there’s a scene where a nerdy looking kid is cornered by some bullies who break his science project but Spider-Man pops up and chases the bullies off and fixes the kids science project. That very same boy then dresses up as Spider-Man and confronts the Rhino single-handedly despite only being about 5 and the Rhino being in a heavily armoured rhino shaped tank thing. Basically, the film was about standing up to bullies.

Which is why I think that it’s a massive shame that bleedingcool have reported that retailers are being told Amazing Spider-Man #7 and the All-New X-Men #33, which is going to feature the Ultimate universe’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales, will both no longer be sporting the ‘Stomp Out Bullying Variant’. But hey that’s just my two cents, I’m sure Marvel have a good reason.

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