Happy 52nd Birthday to Spider-Man

Whilst Marvel is celebrating it’s 75th anniversary and releasing comics for its 100th anniversary there is actually one anniversary that is taking place right this very moment that us Spider-Fans can get excited about, and that’s because it’s Spider-Man’s birthday. That’s right folks today marks the 52nd anniversary of the Stan Lee and Steve Ditko comic Amazing Fantasy #15, which was Spider-Man’s first ever comic appearance. At least according to ThinkGeek

So there’s one thing left to say.

Happy Birthday Spider-Man!

(There is, of course, some debate as to when Amazing Fantasy #15 was released. I’m going off of the ThinkGeek Today in History Calendar, However there’s a chance Spidey’s birthday was 52 years and four days ago, or even sometime in Mid June… but we won’t talk about that!)

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