Whatever a Spider Can's Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #3 review

So issue three of Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man has come and gone and I have to be honest I really do think that this is my favourite Spider-Man comic. Everything about it is great, from the art, to the storyline. Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez really have continued to impress with their take on Miles Morales’ life. If you missed the recap then check it out here.MMUSM #3 0.4

First of all let’s talk about the big cliff-hanger from the last issue, and that was whether or not Miles would tell his girlfriend Katie Bishop that he was Spider-Man. The dramatic surprise was ruined in the previews for this comic, and in the All-New Ultimate’s #4. But I still really enjoyed the sequence of events that happened when Miles Morales dropped the Spider-Man bomb. Whilst Katie’s silent and stoic reaction and escape was brilliant writing from Bendis, it was Marquez’ art that really made this sequence, especially when Katie begins to smile in amusment but then realises it wasn’t a joke. This is the kind of emotional clarity in facial expressions that you’d only expect to see on television.

Despite the dramatic moments being interspersed throughout the comic with Miles telling Katie that he was Spider-Man, Norman Osborn killing Monica Chang and Miles coming face to face with the Green Goblin, this is also an issue that had several comedic moments. The issue kicks off with a hilarious rant from J. Jonah Jameson and a very clever section where JJJ says he doesn’t want ‘salacious half-truth headlines’ whilst sat directly in front of a framed newspaper with ‘The Spider-Man Menace’ as the headline.

MMUSM #3 6Also brilliant is the police station scene which seems to be steeped in self-reference, as we get another typical Brian Michael Bendis ‘crazy guy prophecy’ walkthrough that seems to have become a comedic staple of his comics. This time the crazy person promises that ‘they are converging, the Earths are converging, only one will remain’. We also get Detectives Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez discussing Spider-Man and stating that ‘There’s more than one of them’ and ‘there’s always been more than one of them’. Both of these seem like veiled references to the Spider-Verse.

Bendis also really knows how to write villains, in the Amazing Spider-Man I’ve found that Electro and Black Cat are fairly ineffectual villains (i’m fully aware that they’re building it up, but I’m still not particularly worried about Peter Parker’s fate in that comic) However in this issue Norman Osborn’s huge, monstrous Green Goblin is a terrifying comic-book villain having killed Monica Chang (a death that didnt’ effect me that much due to not knowing much about the character) and then flying through the helicopter. Basically everything that he does is impressive and you really do worry for Miles when he comes face to face with the Goblin.

Still, this issue kept back a lot of the explosive action that I’m sure we’re due in the next issue by not featuring the two Spider-Men, or Peter Parker at all and teasing the fight rather than showing us it. Ending the comic with the image of a hulking and fiery Green Goblin standing over a Miles Morales who clearly seems to be slightly out of his depth is a great way to get people interested in the next issue.

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