Whatever a Spider Can's Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #3 recap

Issue three of Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez’ Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man promised a huge confrontation between an absolutely not dead Green Goblin and an absolutely confused Miles Morales, who was just about to tell his girlfriend Katie Bishop that he’s Spider-Man. So strap yourselves in, make sure you’re comfortable because this recap is sure to be a bumpy ride.

The issue kicks off with what is my first look at the Ultimate Universes J. Jonah Jameson. Ned is pitching a story about the two Spider-Men that have been plaguing the area (last seen at a Stark owned property). Jameson doesn’t like the story and kills it, leading to a hilarios juxtaposition of a framed newspaper with the headline ‘The Spider-Man Menace’ and Jonah insisting he wouldn’t waste time on ‘salacious half-truth headlines’. Jonah then rants about someone giving him something he can use, just as someone bursts in and reveals that Norman Osborn is alive and on the loose.

MMUSM #3 5

We then cut to the police station to see the police discussing the same Spider-Men that J.Jonah Jameson wouldn’t run a story on. We see that one of the security guards that was beaten up by the duo died making it a homicide investigation. Enter Maria Hill, who seems to know a lot more about Spider-Man and Miles Morales than anyone else in the police station.

We then cut back to the cliff-hanger from last issue with Miles preparing to tell his girlfriend Katie Bishop that he’s Spider-Man and Ganke desperately trying to stop him. However Miles goes through with it and tells Katie he’s Spider-Man. Katie starts smiling as if amused but her face quickly changes and she just turns and runs away having not said anything. Ganke chastises Miles for his decision, telling him it was a bad one just as Maria Hill pulls up in a car. Miles manages to escape using his invisibility and when the two friends try to find out what’s going on, they see that Norman Osborn is alive. Miles resolves to head to Aunt May’s house.

MMUSM #3 8We then jump to Osborn Industries and see Monica Chang and a bunch of Federal agents in Hulkbuster armour. None of them expect to find Norman Osborn but they see the signs of recent entry and fire damage. Monica also references something about not caring ‘how many Spider-Men were created in here’. Monica stumbles upon a secret part of Osborn Industries where she finds a very much alive Norman Osborn.

Norman mocks Monica for not being Nick Fury and failing, letting true power slip through her fingers. Norman then transformed into the Green Goblin and murders Monica before turning his attention to some of the agents after being completely unaffected by their gunfire. He then escapes in style by flying through a hovering helicopter.

We then cut to Miles Morales skulking around Aunt May’s neighbourhood whilst having quite a lengthy internal debate about not having web-shooters, Norman and Peter being alive again, being immortal. Then there’s a funny moment where Miles internally talks about no-one notices him whilst a woman walking her dog quizzically observes him.

Green Goblin then appears and crash-lands, causing Miles to go flying into a car. Miles then realises that this exact spot is the spot where the Green Goblin reportedly killed Peter Parker. We then see a monstrous figure emerging out of the flames, looming over Miles as the ‘to be continued’ message crops up hinting that we’ll have to wait into the next issue to see the battle.

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