Marvel at this Borussia Dortmund player's Spider-Man goal celebration

Spider-Man crops up in all sorts of unexpected places, it seems that most of the time he’s up to no good in Times Square, but last night he made an appearance during the football (soccer) match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich to help Dortmund secure a 2-0 win over their bitter rivals in the German Super Cup.

It also turns out that Borussia Dortmund footballer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang moonlights a Spider-Man in his spare time. This was confirmed as a fact when the player celebrated scoring a goal by donning the trusty mask of everyone’s favourite neighbourhood friendly Spider-Man. And it seemed that it was Aubameyang’s ability to jump higher than the average human, doing whatever a spider can, that enabled him to score his headed attempt and put his side 2-o in front.

Here’s a video of the moment Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang revealed himself as Spider-Man

This isn’t the first time that a footballer has revealed that they are actually Spider-Man as we recently saw some Real Madrid and Barcelona players unexpectedly show the world that they are actually Spider-Man. If this influx of Spider-Man based footballers increases I’d expect some sort of radioactive blood testing becoming mandatory for all footballers in the future. It’s a real problem.

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