Marvel uses same Paolo Rivera Spider-Man cover twice

MARVEL-ANNIVERSARY-75THMarvel are releasing a slew of Super hero related goodness for their 75th anniversary and Spider-Man is very much a huge part of their plans. For example he’s on the front cover of Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1, an anthology bringing all-new tales from old and new writers of the likes of Stan Lee and Bruce Timm, Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, Len Wein and Paul Gulacy, James Robinson, Tom DeFalco, Stan Goldberg and Scott Hanna. Take a look at Paolo Rivera’s cover to the left!

Also announced is a 75th anniversary omnibus collecting 75 of Marvel’s most popular comic book storylines as voted for by fans. There will be several Spider-Man stories in there with the ‘If This Be My Destiny…!’, ‘Spider-Man No More!’ and ‘The Night Gwen Stacy Died’ storylines, as well as the post-September the 11th tribute issue of Amazing Spider-Man. The omnibus also includes material from “Amazing Fantasy” (1962) #15 (first appearance of Spider-Man) and “Amazing Spider-Man” (1963) #248 (“The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man”) & #700 (“Dying Wish,” prelude to the “Superior Spider-Man” era).

And guess what. Spider-Man’s on the front cover of that as well. Let’s take a look at the dust-sheet for the 1000 page hardcover omnibus.

75th anniversary omnibus marvel

Now the keen eyed amongst you may have noticed that it’s the same Paolo Rivera cover being used for both issues. “We loved Paolo Rivera’s cover so much that we couldn’t resist using it twice!” Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel said in a statement. “Originally planned as the cover to the upcoming 75th Anniversary Celebration Anthology one-shot,  Paolo’s exceptional artwork so perfectly captured the essence of Marvel’s history – it was just too good not to commemorate this monumental omnibus with as well.”

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