Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is not hitting Las Vegas

It has been expected for quite some time that the ill-fated Spider-Man musical Turn Off the Dark, which was a mainstay on Broadway for three years, despite record losses, several injuries and controversy upon controversy, would be travelling to Las Vegas and making its home there. It seemed like a move made in heaven with the high flying stunt filled spectacular fitting right in with the Las Vegas crowd.

However it seems that despite the official Turn Off the Dark website spidermanonbroadway.marvel.com telling everyone that the show is coming soon to Vegas  as evidenced by the following rather conclusive, rather blatant homepage that leaves very little in doubt about where we can see Spider-Man next, that the show will not in fact be arriving soon in Las Vegas


The New York Times reports “As for “Spider-Man,” the two producers announced last November that the musical would open in Las Vegas after the end of the show’s Broadway run.  “Spider-Man,” which had a record-setting budget of $75 million, closed in New York in January with losses of up to $60 million. The producers have been in talks with potential partners in Las Vegas, including the casino executive Steve Wynn, who himself expressed concern last year about whether the show could be turned into a Vegas-style spectacle that would appeal to potential ticket-buyers.”

They went on to add “Regarding the future of the “Spider-Man” musical property, Mr. Cohl said in a statement: “Las Vegas was never a done deal; it’s simply a market that we were exploring — among other possibilities — and still are.” So it seems that the Las Vegas showing of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is off the cards. So what next for the Spider-Man musical?

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