Spider-Man creator Stan Lee thinks Marvel should hire Kevin Smith

Stan Lee has had a cameo in almost every Marvel movie and as a direct consequence with that he would have worked with a multitude of directors. However there’s one director that Marvel haven’t yet hired to make one of their films who the Generalissimo thinks Marvel should snap up for one of their films straight away, and that director is Kevin Smith.

Lee told Digital Spy “He’s the ‘fella who did the movie Mallrats years ago. My first starring vehicle! Kevin knows the comics as well as anybody – I don’t know why Marvel doesn’t hire him to do one of their movies. Maybe they will.” Smith is a comic-book enthusiast and has previously worked on Daredevil comic book runs for Marvel and penned the six-issue limited series Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do.

What do you guys think, would you like Kevin Smith to helm a Marvel film, he certainly knows about the source material and is one of those directors you can rely on to deliver a totally fresh and different film to the others?

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