Scarlet Spiders spin-off miniseries announced

Comic-Con wasn’t just all about random celebrities dressing up as Spider-Man to escape the crowds like Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe and Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams. No, in fact there were some panels and annoumcements made throughout. One of which was Marvel announcing that they would be bringing Spidey comic fans a tie-in miniseries entitled Spider-Verse Team-Up, which was great, but they didn’t stop there.

As well as Spider-Verse Team-Up we’re getting another Spider-Verse tie-in miniseries, but what on earth is this one going to be about, we’ve already seen the Edge of Spider-Verse miniseries that is giving us one-shot comics on a variety of old and new Spider-Man characters so what else could we possibly be looking at, what else does Dan Slott have up his sleeve?

The answer is of course Scarlet Spider, or should I say Scarlet Spiders. Here’s all the information that was released at Comic-Con about Scarlet Spiders, its been written  by writer Mike Costa and artist Paco Diaz and it features two Scarlet Spider-Men (Ben Reilly and Kaine) and Ultimate Jessica Drew – all clones. And to be honest that’s pretty much all the information you need to be sold on it.

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