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Spider-Dad dresses up as Spider-Man every day for his son

As a child growing up loving Spider-Man I probably would have given anything for it to turn out that Spider-Man was in fact my dad.  Now we all know that this wouldn’t have happened as my Dad’s name was Stephen, and to be honest he didn’t really have the athletic build, but children will be children and their dreams and wishes will be as illogical and irrational as they can get!

However for Christopher Junior Lee, this is pretty much a reality as his father Christopher Lee dresses up as Spider-Man for him every day. UK paper The Mirror reports that “Christopher Lee, 35, said he wears the £22 costume – with Christopher Jnr, three, in a matching one – as he has “no fun memories” of time with his dad as a boy.”

Chris first wore the suit two months ago to pick up his Spidey-fan son from nursery. He said: “I’ve never seen him so happy. “By me wearing this suit, I am giving him a real life action hero, and he loves it.”

The pair wear their matching Spider-Man outfits on a regular basis even wearing them on outings to shopping malls or other places. Chris’s is perhaps the most poignant for me as he says ““Rich parents buy kids amazing things. My wife and I don’t have that kind of money. But this cheap suit has made us best friends.” And that folks is priceless.

Great work!

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