Spider-Man and Batman kiss on front cover of magazine.

San Diego Comic-Con will show people many amazing things, you’ll meet the people behind the making and the acting out of your favourite fandoms, you’ll get a chance to learn more about the future of your favourite things and if you’re really, really lucky you’ll get to see Spider-Man kissing Batman in that famous upside down kiss pose that’s become synonymous with Spidey.

Okay so I imagine not many people are flocking to Comic-Con to see a picture of Spider-Man kissing Batman but hey, it’s all good! The cover which is designed to celebrate two big events making their way to San Diego with Pride and San Diego, so July’s Pacific magazine has joined the two together and made quite the super-hero bsaed statement!

Pride and Comic-Con San Diego

“As Pride and Comic-Con descend upon San Diego, the time has come to reveal the truth: all heroes are welcome, even when they’re kissing their boyfriends,” said David Perloff, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the magazine. It doesn’t stop with the front cover, inside the magazine is a flirtatious dialogue between the two heroes. Personally I’m all for it, it’s a clever coming together of two seperate big events.

However Fox5 has reported that there is a small amount of predictable criticism from people against the magazine, which is available for free across the city. ““I don’t want to see it right on the street where my daughter can get it,” said Cindy Montoya.

San Diego Pride are all for the cover “I think that super heroes are all about standing up for justice, so if some have an issue with two people who are embracing in a loving way, what is more heroic than that,” said Fernando López with San Diego Pride.

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