Alex Kurtzman moves on from Spider-Man with Universal's horror icon shared universe

The Marvel shared universe was a cinematic revelation. The idea of different films based on entirely different characters, but somehow the events in each individual picture affected a larger shared universe leading to all of the characters coming together in one big blockbuster film has pretty much changed the way films work. Warner Brothers are rushing to create a similar shared universe with their DC comic-book properties like Superman and Batman and now Universal are getting in on the action.

But who could Universal possibly use for a shared-universe style collection of films, they don’t own any super-hero comic-book properties so who could they be using? The answer is simple, and rather ghastly as Universal are hanging onto a collecton of spooky characters from the past. I’m of course talking about the iconic horror movie cast of Dracula, The Mummy, Frankenstein, Invisible Man, Wolfman and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

The idea is that these legendary horror-movie icons will be brought back to life after their time in the black-and-white spotlight as Deadline reports that a new strategy is cooking at Universal, where they’re building an “interconnected slate” of monster films. This shared universe of fear is reportedly being helmed by ex-Spider-Man screen-writer and producer Alex Kurtzman.

Deadline goes on to state that the first film in this grand horror icon slate of films will be the Mummy and apparently it’s due for release as soon as April 2016. Honestly I love the proper horror icons and I’m excited to see them all coming together in interconnected films and possibly one huge monster-mash involving them all in an ‘Avengers’ style coming-together.

This news comes just after the other half of the now broken-up once legendary screen-writing duo Roberto Orci has left Sony’s Spider-Man films to work on a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie. It’s good to see that the pair are moving on and I’m exciting to see all of the things they’re working on which is good! I honestly also think this is good news for Spidey, some fresh writing blood will surely do the film no harm.

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