Original Script shows Amazing Spider-Man 2 could have been very different

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Have you ever watched a movie and then spent quite a while thinking to yourself ‘what if they’d have done that’ or ‘what if they took that out’ or ‘maybe they should have done that differently.’ I’d suggest that Amazing Spider-Man 2 is perfect for one of these kind of introspective film dissections, don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed it, but there’s definitely scope for suggesting how you might have done things differently.

Well that’s exactly what seems to have happened to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 script as what we saw in cinemas seems to drastically vary from what people saw in test-screenings and what people have read in various scripts for the film that appear to be at different stages. We even know that some of the scenes that were in the trailers didn’t make it into the final film. In fact it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with what was once in the film, and what the film might’ve been.

But, if you keep in mind the changes you would make, and your thoughts on the final film, how close does Badass Digest’s reported original Amazing Spider-Man 2 script get to improving or downgrading the film? Do you prefer the scripted version that Badass Digest are saying almost happened, or do you think that the final version of the film we all saw in cinemas got most things right?

Well, let’s take a look at the changes!

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