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In Amazing Spider-Man #2 Peter Parker clashed with Electro before resolving to change his entire company’s business plan from cybernetics to criminal prisons, with the first task being to find a way to catch and cure Electro. You can read the full recap here, and here’s Whatever a Spider Can’s review. But we’re now moving on to Amazing Spider-Man #3 and as the cover suggests it’s bad luck to cross paths with the Black Cat (this stuff literally writes itself)

The issue starts with more Silk action as we’ve come to expect from the first two issues. She appears to be stood on the ceiling and looking at pictures of what appears to be her family. She then tries to escape wherever she’s currently holed up in. However the 6 digit key-code comes complete with it’s own auto-warn message and a holographic face warns Silk that should she release herself it would be bad news. We also learn that her name is Cindy and that the holographic face belongs to Ezekiel.

ASM #3 11We then jump right into The Upper East Side and see that The Black Cat is breaking into someone’s house. She broods about how she had everything set-up in her perfect little penthouse and Spider-Man took it all away from her. The couple ask Felicia what she wants and she asks what have you got. We then get a full-page image of her sat drinking champagne and caviar whilst the couple are tied up behind her. She then once again vows to to get revenge against Spider-Man.

We then see Electro sleeping in an abandoned building that many other homeless people are sleeping in. He’s having a bad nightmare about the Superior Spider-Man and what Doctor Octopus did to him which inadvertently causes the building to catch fire. Electro then also blames Spider-Man for his current situation and promises to get revenge.

We then cut to Parker Industries where the staff are describing Peter Parker being the scariest boss ever (presumably when he was Doc Ock) Peter then comically busts in wearing a Hawaiian shirt for ‘Casual Friday’. Peter seems determined to be seen as a fun boss but his staff react in a confused manner at the complete personality change he’s exhibiting. One member of staff has made a tracker set to Electro’s energy signature and Peter decides to go on a road-trip. Before Peter leaves Sajani questions him about the new direction for the company but Peter gives her a speech about being part of the solution.

Sajani and Anna Maria then talk about the now abandoned cybernetics programme. Anna Maria believes she has spent enough time around the mind-swapped Doctor Octopus to carry on his work and complete it. Sajania gives Anna Maria the go-ahead to continue the cybernetics work. Anna Maria quickly realises she needs help as she’s in over her head but Otto’s trusty robot assistant appears just at the right time.

We cut to the burning building caused by Electro as fire-fighters are trying to control the flames, including Mary Jane’s new boyfriend Ollie, who is getting some stick from his fellow fire fighters. Peter Parker and his staff arrive at the scene and Peter instructs them to get to a safe distance whilst he goes to ‘get snacks’. Naturally a few moments afterwards Spider-Man is seen approaching the fire with Black Cat watching on television.

We interrupt the fire broadcast to bring you news of J. Jonah Jameson at the Fact Channel Studios (basically Fox News). Ms, Long asks Jameson if he knows why he’s there and he goes on a comically long, but completely on-point rant about the Fact Channel’s brand of journalism and why it’s flawed. However Ms. Long confirms that he’s not there for an on-air interview, but they are in fact offering him a job, which Jameson readily accepts.

We jump back to the fire and we Spider-Man meeting Ollie for the first time as Spider-Man, the two awkwardly introduce themselves and then proceed to work together to save a child. The two have a bonding moment about being a great team before Ollie gets trapped under some falling debris. However before Spider-Man can rush to help Ollie a voice in the distance says something ominous (step on a crack break your mother’s back, or your own .. Yeah it’s the Black Cat)

ASM #3 14

Peter seems unaware of the Black Cat’s new resentment towards him and asks for her help in saving Ollie, but she attacks him. Peter tries to reason with her by explaining the Doctor Octopus mind-swap but she says she doesn’t care. This forces Peter to apparently revert back to being Doctor Octopus, explaining that Peter Parker’s return was just a ruse, Peter uses deadly force to scare the Black Cat away.

With Black Cat gone Spider-Man can proceed to rescue Ollie. Peter muses that he can’t believe pretending to the the Superior Spider-Man again worked and that people really thought it was him despite talking like Otto for months. Spider-Man takes Ollie down to the emergency services below and we see a worried Mary Jane running towards him. We then see Peter, as Spider-Man, watching from a distance,  Peter decides that offering MJ a worry-free, Spider-free life is the best thing to do seeing how terrified she was.

We then see that the Black Cat is still mulling over revenge against Spider-Man despite not being entirely sure who exactly Spider-Man is at the moment. She’s stolen the Electro scanner from Peter Parker’s staff. She locates Electro using the scanner and offers him help by teaming up to get rid of Spider-Man. And that cliff-hanger ends the issue!

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