Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors 'Return of the Guardians of the Galaxy' review

Now, I have no idea where this episode fits in terms of season continuity, all I know is that it’s an episode that features Marvel’s hot property of the moment with the Guardians of the Galaxy joining forces with Spider-Man in a new episode of Web Warriors for a Guardians of the Galaxy marathon on Disney XD. My sources say it’s supposed to be the ninth episode of Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, but for now we’ll just treat it like a season special!

I think we all know why this episode has been bumped forward and why so much attention is being given to the Guardians of the Galaxy at the moment and honestly it’s a smart move from Marvel and Disney to stir up some last minute interest in what looks to be an awesome live-action Guardians of the Galaxy film by introducing us to the animated version of the galaxy saving super-team.

However with an episode such as this, which is almost entirely used for ‘character product placement’ (It’s not just the Guardians, Nova also features quite heavily as he’s a playable character in Disney Infinity 2.0’s Spider-Man pack) there is the risk that Spider-Man, the show’s titular character will get overshadowed or drowned out but thankfully this didn’t happen.

In fact I thought this episode struck a positively brilliant balance between all of its heroes, managing to fit in Star Lord, Rocket Racoon, Groot, Gomorra, Drax, Nick Fury, Nova and Spider-Man and allowing them all to have small moments in the spotlight. If anything the Guardians took a bit of a back-seat to both Spider-Man, and more importantly Nova who was quite right when he said in the episode ‘this one’s about me’.

The storyline followed Spider-Man and Nova teaming up with the Guardian’s to take on Titus, an ex-member of the Nova corp who had followed the Guardians to Earth in order to take Nova’s helmet, bringing an army of Chitauri to help him do it. However after several clashes with the Chitauri throughout the episode things are looking bad for Spidey and the Guardians until Nova realises his true potential and manages to take down Titus and his ship, earning himself a new shiny black helment to boot!USMWW Miles Katie Ganke

I really enjoyed learning more about Nova and the Guardians but that doesn’t mean that Spidey didn’t get his own moments as well, he even managed to find himself piloting the Guardians space-ship for a while! On top of all of that I think we may have also gotten our first glimpse of Miles Morales, Ganke and Katie Bishop, or at least that’s who the three kids that were featured quite heavily looked like. Could we be on our way to Web Warrior’s own Spider-Verse.

It’s quite hard to judge the storyline without really knowing where it fits in, or if it fits in to the series as a whole, ‘Agent Venom’ finished with the set-up of Taskmaster and Spidey in a race to locate super-powered teens before the other but none of that happens in this episode. But I’m going to take this like a one of the one-off spin-off comic issues that crop up all of the time just for fan-service and nothing else. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

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