See Spider-Man live in Marvel's all-new arena spectacular

Ever since Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has finished it seems that the chance to see Spider-Man in real life has been reduced to walking around Time Square and hoping that the Spider-Men you can see aren’t actually criminals.

However all that is about to change because Marvel are on the cusp of launching their own Marvel super-hero based live show that will feature Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man and two dozen other familiar comic book characters in a tour filled with family orientated fight scenes, spectacular explosions and incredible comic book action!

The show, which will be called ‘Marvel Universe LIVE!’ debuts in Tampa on July 10 and will hit 85 cities including New York in August. Reuters reports comments from Tom Marvelli, Marvel’s vice president of global creative services and love events,  “This is legacy building,. For the first time, they are going to get to see the characters right in front of them, fighting it out and conquering evil.”

The show’s storyline will drew inspiration from storylines we’ve already seen in the Marvel franchise as the aformentioned Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man will be joining other characters like Wolverine, Captain America and Hulk to battle Loki, Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus for the Cosmic Cube, which has been seen in several Marvel films, often called the Tesseract.

Reuters also has some more details on what to expect from the show. “The plot fuels an almost non-stop sequence of action scenes, orchestrated by the stunts coordinator for “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies. Among the highlights are a car that flips, racing motorcycles, and a bad guy who goes up in flames. The production features a stage that doubles as a massive projection screen, transporting audiences from Manhattan’s skyscrapers to the far-flung desert while heroes and villains fight battle after battle.”

For those of you in the UK or Canada who are extremely disappointed that this show is taking place in America (You guys get all the good arena tours, I’m still waiting for How to Train your Dragon to come to the UK…) there is actually hope that we’ll get to see Marvel Universe LIVE! as a tour of both the UK and Canada are expected to take place, even though no dates have been set as of yet.

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