Nerd Block responsible for record-breaking Amazing Spider-Man #1 sales?

The first issue of Amazing Spider-Man #1 was a rip-roaring success sales-wise, it hit 500,000 in initial retailer pre-orders which made it the highest initially ordered individual issue in the last decade. It seemed clear that people were clamouring to get their hands on the new comic featuring a returned-from-the-dead Peter Parker dealing with the fallout of Doctor Octopus’ tenure as Spider-Man.

However it seems that Marvel have Nerd Block to thank for a significant chunk of their Amazing Spider-Man #1 pre-orders as Bleedingcool has reported that they pre-ordered a whopping 40,000 copies of the comic, which is almost 10% of the total pre-orders. Nerd Block is a subscription box service that sends people a box of geeky goodness containing anything from comic books to t-shirts to collectibles.

Although if I was a customer of Nerd Block, or Loot Crate, or anything else that does similiar things, I’d be fairly chuffed if I got a Spidey comic book inside!

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