What “Powerless” Should Be

Alright Spider-Fans! I have some news for everyone. The project I’ve been working on entitled “Powerless” should be somewhat different from what it once was. Here is the synopsis for you:

Peter, a college freshman, is bitten by a spider that renders his arm completely useless. Not only that, but it is also the probable cause of the dreams and visions he has of himself and others as super powered beings. In the powerless world in which he lives, he must make sense of these familiar parallels.

The project is now only centered on the character of Peter. The rest of the characters will make their appearances in episodes of what is now a web series. Recurring characters include his best friend Tony, his girlfriend Gwen, and his roommate Harry. The series will follow Peter through a number of new and re-imagined story arcs. Look out for more updates this fall!

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