New preview for Spider-Man 2099 #1

We’ve already seen a preview for Spider-Man 2099 #1 but that was the past, it’s now time to take a glimpse into the future and see the new preview for Spider-Man 2099 which is written by Peter David, with art from Will Sliney. So without further ado here are they are!

We see Miguel, under the name ‘Mike’ talking to a young Tiberius about some shady undertakings that shouldn’t be undertaken by ‘Mike’s future grandfather already seems like a morally dubious guy when he leaves ‘Mike’ to die at the hands of the Adjustor who has come from the year 2211 to erase Spider-Man 2099 from the time-line. As you can see it’s pretty good stuff

SM 2099 #1 0.7
SM 2099 #1 0.8
SM 2099 #1 0.9

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