Really awesome fan-made Spider-Man comic

Spider-Man appeals to everyone which is why he’s such an endearing and popular super hero and character in general. I could spend hours writing essay upon essay about Spider-Man’s importance as an icon and hero to people but it’d be incredibly lenghty and wordy and no-one would read them. Instead I found perhaps the perfect summing up of Spider-Man ever, posted by Kotor, who draws comics.

When I was a kid, I identified with Spider-Man because backflips are cool and octopus men need to be punched.

When I was a teenager, I identified with Spider-Man because I knew how it felt to be the lonely, awkward outsider who never manages to fit in.

Now that I am grown and I have my own family, I identify with Spider-Man because I’m familiar with the burden of responsibility and sometimes having to do things that you don’t want to, simply because they need to be done.

Kotor posted this perfect summary of Spider-Man alongside a pretty perfect and awesome comic that he had drawn on his website kotorcomics If you agree with his description of Spidey’s importance and like the comic then I urge you to check out the site. (I’ve also realised that I’ve assumed Kotor is a guy, I’m pretty sure he’s a guy but Kotor might be a girl, I don’t know. Sorry if you’re a girl Kotor)


Pretty neat stuff Kotor.

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