Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin sends letter to Spider-Man creator Stan Lee

‘Game of Thrones’ is almost as big as Spider-Man, it’s not quite there, but it’s well and truly on its way. However it looks like Spider-Man creator Stan Lee may have been a big influence on the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ writer George R.R Martin.

Okay, so it was strictly Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s work on Fantastic Four that prompted this possibly sarcastic letter from the man who loves to kill everyone so I am cheating a bit. But don’t worry guys, I made it clear in my opening sentence that this is tenuously linked to Spider-Man in some way. So go right ahead and enjoy this letter sent straight from Westeros.


Now this letter was brought to my attention by Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis himself who posted the picture on his blog, aptly entitled ‘Bendis’. I can’t say for certain if it is actually from the George R.R. Martin but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. My only question is where or when did he get the second ‘R’ from?

I think we just need to count ourselves lucky that George R.R. Martin isn’t a comic book writer for Marvel. Spider-Man would have died along with Gwen Stacy when he tried to save her, the Green Goblin would have committed suicide and Aunt May would have been kidnapped and tortured by a group trying to take over the North. Don’t even get me started on Mary Jane, she would have been a prostitute who gets murdered in #2.

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