Spider-Man comic books do their bit for charity

Comic book collectors work tirelessly, spend an awful amount of money, and spend most of their time rummaging around car-boots and eBay in order to find that one rare comic they’re looking, or to complete a collection. In fact I know from experience that it takes absolutely forever to get close to collecting everything you want to, don’t believe me? Just ask the man behind Chasing Amazing.

However in an unprecedented gift someone has donated their entire collection of 800 pristine mint condition comics to a charity shop in my home-town of Bristol. Amnesty International located on Bristol’s Gloucester Road will now be selling all 800 perfect issues in a special sale on Saturday. southwestbusiness.co.uk reports that “The batch of 800 include popular comics like Spider-Man and Judge Dredd but also graphic novels like The Punisher. They were dropped at the shop in boxes from an anonymous American living in Bristol who said he was moving back home.”

If anyone can get to Amnesty International on Gloucester Road, Bristol, in the UK between 1.00 PM and 5.00 PM should do so because this collection which is reportedly worth something along the lines of tens and thousands will be sold at charity shop prices (most comic books sell for between 50p and £1.00 and the highest usually sell for around £65.) So you may just pick yourself up a bargain.

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