Andrew Garfield spotted on the set of Avengers 2?

Now, I want you guys to get some salt, clasp it between your thumb and your forefinger and then pinch the hell out of it because what you’re about to see is almost certainly fake. I’m going to say that right now, right at the start of this article that I don’t believe that this is a legitimate thing. The only reason I’m even giving it the time of day is because the inner fan-boy in me can’t let me completely 100% write it off and is leaving me clinging on to the tiniest slither of hope.

This is a picture posted on Reddit that claims that Andrew Garfield was spotted on the set of Avengers 2 and it doens’t look like he was just paying the set a visit either. The picture shows a figure heavily covered up and what looks like a red mask of some sort hanging just below the figure’s face. It’s too difficult to tell exactly who it is. My issue is that I’m almost certain that this is photoshopped, I have an odd memory of seeing the potential Andrew Garfield in a completely different photo, and I’m almost certain I’ve seen the Quicksilver picture without the circled figure in it.


Still, I’ve posted this just on the off-chance that it might be legit (although it probably isn’t) so if anyone out there has some information on this, or can prove that it’s a fake, or thinks that it is real just give us a shout!

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