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The Amazing Spider..... Smurfs?

There are some really crazy pieces of Spider-Man fan-art out there, and then there is this incredible collection of Todd Macfarlane Spider-Man covers turned into Spider-Smurf covers. Honestly they’re brilliant if not a little bizarre and they appear to be the work of Comicbookresources‘ Augie De Blieck Jr, who turns Spider-Man into smurfs as a side-project to his usual Pipeline blog. So let’s take a look at some of Augie’s work!

Now on the left is the original Todd Macfarlane cover for Amazing Spider-Man #298, and on the right we have Augie’s smurf-tastic version

#298smurf #298


Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s really quite cool isn’t it. It’s something you didn’t know you’d ever want, but yet it’s here and you couldn’t be happier. But wait there’s more! On the left is Amazing Spider-Man #300 and on the right is Amazing Spider-Smurf #300.

#300smurf #300

And now for one final bonus round – Here is Amazing Spider-Man #303, can you tell which one is the real Todd Macfarlane Spider-Man cover, and which one is a smurf-parody?


You got it guys, I switched the order round, it’s actually the smurf version on the left this time, and the real cover is on the right. Check out Comicbookresources’ weekly  Pipeline written by Augie himself to see even more awesome Spider-Man to Smurf conversions.

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