Home-made Lego Spider-Man mosaic

You seen Spider-Man on television, you’ve seen Spider-Man on film. Now it’s time to see Spider-Man made out of loads of pieces of lego. At last I hear you all saying. Well without further ado here is the pretty impressive home-made piece.

Lego Spider-Man

The piece was uploaded onto Reddit by user Bricktascale. Here’s what he posted onto Reddit about his creation “I build a design in excel, order the pieces from LEGO, and put it all together. It takes about 80 hours to construct. I build the last five hours freehand to get the image right. I hope you like it!” He goes on to add “It’s got about 7000 pieces in it.”

Very impressive Bricktascale!

This isn’t the first Lego Spider-Man action we’ve seen, as we’ve also been treated to these custom made Amazing Spider-Man 2 Lego figures. I think it’s safe to say that anyone that combines Lego and Spider-Man is awesome!

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