Andrew Garfield hates twitter

Andrew Garfield is a good guy, he’s incredibly environmentally conscious, he uses paparazzi as an opportunity to gain publicity for worthy causes, he has actively called for Spider-Man to join the Avengers, as well as asking for Sony to include Miles Morales. Basically theres no wonder at all how he landed a girl like Emma Stone, who he is rumoured to be getting engaged to.

But that’s not all that is awesome about the man that is playing Spider-Man, he also hates Twitter. Or at least that’s what his comments to the Observer as reported by suggest

“There is something crass about self-promotion. I can’t do the Twitter thing either. Maybe there is something wrong with me, Maybe I need to be better at saying ‘Check me the f**k out, motherf**kers. I should do that. ‘Yeah, so go see the f**king movie, because it’s the best f**king thing that you will ever see!'”

Could this guy get any better?

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