Should Emma Stone play Mary Jane ?

Rather bizarrely one of the more popular contenders for who should play Mary Jane Watson in future Amazing Spider-Man films isn’t Karen Gillan, Shailene Woodley or even Mary Elizabeth Winstead, it’s Emma Stone. Wait… Didn’t she just spend two films as Gwen Stacy where her demise at the end of the second film was full of emotional gravitas and meaning? Yes, she did. But the proposal is that you just die her hair red and you’ve got yourself a Mary Jane.

Here’s proof that she’d at least look good in the part.

Emma Stone Mary Jane

However I feel that it’s be a fairly brave move from Sony to cast an actress that’s already been in the franchise as a significantly major character. Especially when her death might be slightly lessened by the fact that this person, who is clearly the same person, is now in the film pretending to be someone else. Besides, it looks like Emma Stone has moved on as you can see her in a new film entitled ‘Birdman’, you can see the trailer here.

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