Should Emma Stone play Mary Jane ?

Rather bizarrely one of the more popular contenders for who should play Mary Jane Watson in future Amazing Spider-Man films isn’t Karen Gillan, Shailene Woodley or even Mary Elizabeth Winstead, it’s Emma Stone. Wait… Didn’t she just spend two films as Gwen Stacy where her demise at the end of the second film was full of emotional gravitas and meaning? Yes, she did. But the proposal is that you just die her hair red and you’ve got yourself a Mary Jane.

Here’s proof that she’d at least look good in the part.

Emma Stone Mary Jane

However I feel that it’s be a fairly brave move from Sony to cast an actress that’s already been in the franchise as a significantly major character. Especially when her death might be slightly lessened by the fact that this person, who is clearly the same person, is now in the film pretending to be someone else. Besides, it looks like Emma Stone has moved on as you can see her in a new film entitled ‘Birdman’, you can see the trailer here.

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  • TallBoy6t6

    Emma’s fantastic as Gwen but even just dying her hair red and having her play MJ would be a bit of a stretch.

    My solution? Gwen’s got clones, yo! And Ultimate Gwen was/is Carnage. And they’re making a Venom movie! So do that. Or more Gwen clones as in the original Marvel U. Oddly, Gwen clones would make more sense than Emma as MJ.

  • Katy Loo

    Well, if Emma were to play MJ, I think it would be alright. They could possibly say that Peter found interest in her BECAUSE she looks like Emma

  • Olav

    Oh my god. I honestly wish fanboys would stop with this “Emma Stone should just dye her hair red & play Mary Jane!!” BS. It’s the stupidest thing ever and it’s NEVER happening. She played Gwen, let’s get a new actress into the mix already. I, too, love the chemistry between Stonefield, but come on.

  • clang

    i will just pretend not to notice that Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane characters are not played by the same actress. i WANT STONEFIELD in Spiderman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omer Farooq

    yes…ofcourse she should play Mary Jane….She Is My Gal and i am obsessed with her so i trust her…she would nail the role of mary jane as she did for gwen stacy…it should be like…peter watches mary jane for the first time and finds something in found in Gwen and Mary Jane reminds him of gwen !!…

  • johanna calipjo

    emma stone should play mary jane! i would be so happy if shes playing the role as mary jane ^^

  • Joel

    Emma Stone as Mary Jane is the best choice. Casting the actress that played Gwen Stacy as Mary Jane would allow the audience to experience the same anguish that Peter does as he falls for Mary Jane. We would see Gwen’s ghost always.
    To all those that find the idea ridiculous, widen your horizons. Many of the most powerful plays ever written involve actors playing more than one character. Peter Parker, quite possibly more than any superhero battles, yes with villains, but moreso with himself and the destruction he causes. For Emma Stone to play Mary Jane would not only be “interesting’ but it COULD be the most powerful representation of the actual story of Spiderman.
    I doubt it will happen. I’m sure they’ll find a relatively good actress that will do wonderful things here and there. But as always with Hollywood. Such missed opportunities.

  • Raul Reis

    I Know that the best choice for MJ is Emma Stone! Lets see, she would
    make the diference between the two characters, not only because of the
    red hair, but because she is a big actress and can show a real MJ. Then
    the fact of the face be edentical would explain one of the reasons why
    Peter caught the atention on Her! Then the chemestry between Peter and
    MJ would be there once again because of the real love between the
    This would be a huge chalenge for her, one that would make her pass with flying colours. And I cant see anyone else doing this role, and I dont want another Krinsten Dunst for sure!

  • Clary

    I think emma stone would make a great mary jane. Having spiderman fall for a girl who looks and reminds him of his first love Gwen would really open up a great storyline. Plus they have great onscreen and off screen chemistry. I mean why not just dye her hair red and have her come back as MJ. I love the idea.

  • Ryan Colson

    Should fansites report dumb ideas to run images?


    • Daniel4Wood

      Hello Ryan, sorry this particular article has upset you. What kind of thing are you looking to read?