Campaign starts for Mary Elizabeth Winstead to play Mary Jane Watson

The great Mary Jane debate continues. Will Mary Jane be in the future Spider-Man films? Will we see Shailene Woodley ever again? Who should be Mary Jane. We’ve already seen a petition start to get Youtuber Sally LoMonaco cast in the role of Spider-Man’s iconic girlfriend. But now a new contender has emerged to join Sally and reigning Mary Jane champion Shailene Woodley, and who else but Ramona Flowers.

That’s because have thrown their personal choice for Mary Jane into the hat, and I have to say It’s a pretty decent choice! They feel that the obvious answer for who should be Mary Jane is Mary Eizabeth Winstead of Scott Pilgrim fame. The actress has been touted for the role ever since Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man reboot was announced and I have to say their argument is fairly convincing.


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The site are so convinced by their choice that they’re mounting a campaign to get Mary Elizabeth as Mary Jane. Here’s how you can get involved.

Well, that’s all folks! Here stays my suggestion. Who want to give a help to this, PLEASE post this: #MEWinsteadMaryJaneWatsoninTheAmazingSpiderMan3 in your twitter (or other smaller hashtag) to her twitter @M_E_Winstead and to the director of the entire franchise, Marc Webb, here: @MarcW ! If you guys make that happen, I guarantee that you all will have a real great Mary Jane Watson in scene!

So what do you guys think? Would Mary Elizabeth Winstead be a good Mary Jane Watson?

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