Whatever a Spider Can's Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #2 recap

The second issue of Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man has arrived, so what happens following that cliff-hanger ending to issue #1 and what will Miles Morales get up to, will he tell his girlfriend Katie Bishop that he’s Spider-Man? These are all questions that sort-of get answered in #2 so without further ado here’s the recap. For the issue #1 recap, go here!

Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #2 7We start off with the image of a flaming object flying towards a derelict Osborn Industries, we then swiftly find out that object is a man, and that the man is the Green Goblin/Norman Osborn. He enteres a building and removes a portrait of a horse, revealing an eye-scanner that scans his eyes and lets him him (cleverly confirming that this is Norman Osborn). He then enters a room that contains a lot of money, Doctor Octopus’ arm harness and lots of green liquid.

We’re then thrust back into last issue’s cliff-hanger with Peter Parker simply asking Miles Morales for his web-shooters back, Miles seems to be in a state of shock as Peter quips away, just like the real Peter Parker would. Miles askes ‘Peter’ if he’s told any of his family he’s alive, or more importantly how he’s alive but Peter is dismissive. Miles references the time he met standard universe Peter, theorising that this Peter is also from another dimension.

Peter once again asks for his web-shooters and Miles affirms that Aunt May gave them to him because she thought Peter had died. Peter confirms that he did in fact die. Peter gets angry at Miles and tells him he didn’t have to be Spider-Man, Peter then grabs Miles causing his venom blast reflex to kick in, and Peter to fly across the room. Peter then gets the jump on Miles and knocks him out. Morales wakes up in his room and struggles to come to terms with Peter Parker turning up out of the blue, he just keeps repeating the word ‘clone’.

The Spider-duo from the first issue are back, this time they’re at Stark Command Centre, the two are adept at handling the guards but still seem quite perturbed that there are more guards than they thought but they handle it nonetheless. The pair accost a guard and threaten him in order to get him to reveal where Tony Stark has placed a package labeled ‘Latveria’.

Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #2 5

Miles is then seen at Ganke’s house telling his best friend about Peter Parker reappearing. Miles reveals that Spider-Woman/The Black Widow (she changed her identity in All-New Ultimates) Jessica Drew, is actually a clone of Peter Parker. Miles resolves that he can’t tell Aunty May or Gwen because he doesn’t really know what’s happening, and he can’t seem to get hold of Jessica to discuss it with her either.

Katie turns up overhearing part of their conversation, although not enough to surmise anything. The two guys act weird at her arrival and she senses that something is wrong from the sheepish way that Miles greets her. The pair can’t get their story straight and eventually Miles tells Katie to stay and he begins telling her he’s a super hero ending the issue with another cliffhanger and the final words “There’s something about me I haven’t told you.”

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