Whatever a Spider Can's All-New Ultimates #2 recap

The first issue of All-New Ultimates introduced us to the new team with Miles Morales’ Ultimate Spider-Man, Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman/Black Widow, Cloak & Dagger and Lana Baumgartner’s Bombshell. The issue ended with the team in an-all out street brawl with the Serpent Skulls, styx and stone and the police. All-New Ultimates #2 5

#2 opens with a re-introduction of-sorts, we get a panel highlighting the members of the team as they’re surrounded by enemies. What follows is a series of introcutions to certain members of the Serpent Skulls interspersed with pictures of the All-New Ultimates beating them up/getting beaten up. Dagger kicks Fin, a skull crony, Skulls Lieutenant Black Racer accosts Spider-Woman for her jacket, the Skulls commander Diamondback slams Spider-Man’s head on the ground.

Detectives Vernon Brooks and Brigid O’Reilly are fighting when they have to choose between stopping Stone, a wanted criminal scientist or saving Detective Terry Schreck from another Serpent Skull. Spidey and Diamondback then share a bit of banter and she seems to completely outmatch him physically. Bombshell then ends up falling over the deceased Styx, and almost ends up caught by Death Adder, another Skulls Lieutenant.

Dagger and Fin are still fighting and when Cloak tuns up and lends her a helping hand, but she still almost gets hit with a mace. The serpent skulls corner Detective Vernon Brooks and Black Racer injects Spider-Woman with a mystery substance. It looks like the Serpent ul ‘Skulls are turning the tide and winnint he battle.

Just then a S.W.A.T team lead by Detective Paul ‘The Crippler’ Dennis arrives and shoots the Skulls that have surrounded Detectives Vernon and Brigid. Diamondback and the Serpent Skulls run, but not before she kisses Miles Morales. Cloak then transports all of the team to safety before ‘The Crippler’ and his S.W.A.T team can fill them with machine gun bullets.

The gang wind-up at Hells Kitchen Church where they lament at how badly that went, Cloak is unable to move, Bombshell is particularly unhappy especially following her near-death experience when her powers bizarrely failed and she embarks on a tirade aimed at Tony Stark before eventually announcing that she’s quitting the team. Spidey asks what Kitty Pryde is doing, stating her help would have been welcome. Spidey then offers to walk Jess home because she looks weak, but she refuses his help.

We cut back to the cops who have taped up the area and are collecting evidence. There’s a neat little reference to Spider-Man and his friends ‘playing Ultimates’ and then Paul Dennis reassures the two detectives by saying at least they got Terry Schreck’s assailaint. However they mention that Dr. Gerald Stone managed to get away.

We then jump to Dr. Stone’s location where the criminal on the run is trying to desperately regroup and plan operations somewhere else. He he accosted by a homeless person begging for change. However the homeless guy shoots Dr.Stone and tears his face off to reveal he’s some kind of faceless assassin, the homeless guy/assassin says that “justice is served.”

All-New Ultimates #2 10We’re then taken to the headquarters of the Serpent Skulls where we’re introduced to Sidewinders, another Skulls Lieutenant. The criminal gang are discussing the new super-hero team where Diamondback discribes them as super teenie-boppers. Black Racer says that the girl she poisoned has until noon. The Serpent Skulls leader Crossbones (from Captain America fame) asks who attacked the gate-keepers and then everyone discusses the consequences of the alley-way brawl.

Crossbone’s shows why he’s the leader by saying that all rival gangs should fear the Serpent Skulls, he then intimidates Death Adder, wiping his face on his shirt and then instructing him to leave the super hero ‘teenie-boppers’ alone and to sweep all of the other criminal gangs block by block to teach them a lesson for the gang-killings that are happening.

What follows is a neat little montage-type panel where Kitty is worried about Jessica’s worsening back as Jessica is unhappy about Lana/Bombshell leaving the group. Terry is in hospital, Cloak and Dagger are stretching and practising and Kitty is saying that she should’ve been there to prevent all of the bad stuff happening to the team. Jessica begins hallucinating as Kitty says she’s joining the team, Lana is shouting down the phone to her boyfriend, Miles is recuperating and recovering with his friend Ganke, the masked assassin kills two more serpent skulls, Detective Terry dies and finally Jessica collapses, overcome with the poison.

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