Peter David talks reviving Spider-Man 2099

We’ve just posted the Spider-Man 2099 #1 preview, but now it’s time time hear from the man who not only co-created the character, but is reviving Spider-Man 2099 for a new comic book series, Peter David. So, what does David have in store for Miguel O’Hara and his current position of being stuck in the past (or present, depending on how you see it.)

Well, caught up with the Spider-Man comic writer at Special Edition: NYC where he revealed that he’s always had a soft spot in his heart for Spider-Man 2099 “I’ve always loved the character of Miguel. He’s never been far from my thoughts. I loved writing for him in the videogame, Edge of Time. I would love to say I’ve had plots running for ages, but I haven’t”

He then goes on to say that he was surprised that fans wanted Miguel O’Hara back, as Marvel’s 2099 comic books were mostly panned (with Spider-Man 2099 being a rare exception) “I was very surprised Dan [Slott} brought him back for SensationalSuperior Spider-Man. Some damn adjective! What Dan did with him was perfectly fine.” He’s of course referencing Miguel’s appearance/revivial in Superior Spider-Man which saw Doc Ock’s Spider-Man teaming up with Miguel’s Spider-Man from the future.

But what’s in store for Miguel in the new series? We know that he’s currently stuck in the present after being by Tyler Stone who strands him there. Well, David addresses this when he says “”I do not eliminate the possibility that he will be returning to 2099, but I am liking him in the modern day, because it gives him a great ‘fish out of water’ perspective.”

So there you go folks.

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