Disney Infinity 2.0 producer says Amazing Spider-Man 2 game is 'not fun'

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes will include everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man, which means that in terms of gaming as the wall-crawler the Spider-Man Play Set is now in direct competition with Beenox’s city-roaming Spider-Man game, Amazing Spider-Man 2. And already the rivalry between the two is coming out a little bit.

That’s because Disney Interactive’s Matt Solie, who is a producer for the upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0 game has gone on record to say that his game is significantly better than Amazing Spider-Man 2 for kids, because it forgoes physics and logic and instead focusses on ‘fun’. comicbookresources reports that the game was playable at E3 and that “He also arcs through the sky and between buildings regardless of whether there’s anything above him for his webs to cling to, because the play set is based largely on the “Ultimate Spider-Man” cartoon series, which tends to disregard physics in favor of fun.”

Solie, reportedly stated ““I had my nephews, who are eight and five, try ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ which is the epitome of physics-based, buildings attached — [it's] not really fun for them. They didn’t understand, ‘Why can’t I swing? It just made sense for a kids and family game.”

This is an interesting stance as Beenox’s first Amazing Spider-Man game recieved heavy criticism by many for having bogus web-swinging that attached to ‘clouds’ or ‘the sky’ rather than buildings. I guess, however, that the Amazing Spider-Man video game franchise are plumping for realism and something that breaks physics like Spidey swinging on nothing would take away from that, whereas Disney’s Spider-Man Play Set for Disney Infinity is supposed to be taken significantly less seriously.

Still the implication that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game isn’t ‘fun’ and isn’t good at all for children is something that can’t be ignored in Solie’s comments. So what do you guys think, is the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game fun? And would you let young children play it?

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