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Earlier this week Gameloft and Marvel announced the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game, an endless 3-D runner thats set to combat Temple Run and Minion Rush in the mobile gaming endless runner market! However I now have a bit more information about the game so I’m putting it here in a nice new post for you all!

You guys might recall that in the above article I mentioned that there would be 23 different Spidey’s to choose from to run, swing and battle your way through the city as. Well thanks to we now have a picture containing some of, but not all, of the different Spidey variations you can expect to play.

Spider-Man Unlimited Spideys

Now there are some interesting suits there, there’s the original suit, the Ends of the Earth suit, Iron Spider, Spider-Man Noir, Scarlet Spider, Future Foundation Spidey and that in the bottom left hand side is my favourite Spider-Man incarnation ever – The Bombastic Bagman. However it isn’t just Spidey himself that is getting the different suit treatment, the villains that you encounter during the game will also be chosen as the dimensional counterpart to match your chosen Spidey character. The two villains we’ve seen so far in the trailer (in the link above, or at the bottom of this article) are Spider-Man’s arch nemesis the Green Goblin, and Adrian Toomes’ Vulture, and you can see several different alternates for both in the following picture, again courtesy of

Unlimited Villains
So, I have to so that so far so good for this different type of Spider-Man game, but don’t take my word for it, have a peruse of the trailer again and see for yourself what kind of game this is. I personally love the comic book style animation with actual comic panels interlaced between gameplay.

The game is being presented at E3 either today or on the 12th so expect to hear more news in the coming few days, until then you’ll have to content yourself with this comment from Karine Kaiser, VP Marketing & Licensing at Gameloft in a press statement “Gameloft is once again honored to be working with the timeless super-hero universes created by Marvel. With Spider-Man Unlimited, players can expect a faithful recreation of the Spider-Man comics through an incredible narrative runner experience.”

Spider-Man: Unlimited, will hit app stores everywhere on Android, iOS and Windows Phone in September this year.

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