Amazing Spider-Man 2 custom Lego minifigures

Now, if there’s one thing that can make anything awesome it’s Lego, I loved the Lego Movie, I reckon I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t find stepping on a lego brick barefoot that painful and these Amazing Spider-Man 2 custom painted Lego minifigures (shown to me by Sevenwebheads) are possibly the best thing ever, although that isn’t fact-checked.

Yes, unfortunately these aren’t official Lego minifigures but they’re still awesome nonetheless. They were created by Michael from MGF Customs/Reviews who is known for his custom work. He recently revealed the Amazing Spider-Man 2 lego figures via the above video. But if the length of the video is putting you off and you just want to see some Lego minifigures, then check out the pictures below.

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