Amazing Spider-Man's Emma Stone stars on Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets'

Emma Stone is amazing, let’s make that clear right now! Not only is her performance in Amazing Spider-Man 2 arguably the highlight of the film (yes, maybe even better than seeing Spider-man) but her talk-show appearances are pure gold. We’ve already seen her spectacularly lip-syncing her way to victory on the Jimmy Fallon show and now she can be seen on the Jimmy Kimmel show (lots of Jimmys in America) as part of his ‘Mean Tweets’ segment.

For those who don’t know the ‘Mean Tweets’ segment films celebrities reading abusive tweets that they’ve recieved and their reaction, usually with hilarious results. There’s nothing like showing up internet warriors and highlighting just how rediculous some of the abuse they throw at celebrities is. Check it out, but be warned there are some censored expletives both spokena and written (skip to 2:02 for Emma Stone’s part)

So what do you guys think? Does Emma Stone look like she smells like cat urine? Are Gary Oldman’s accents annoying? Is Kit Harrington’s casting as Jon Show bad? Would you hang out with Don Cheadle? That being said I do hate Courtney Cox …. (just kidding.)

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