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So the second issue of Amazing Spider-Man volume 3 is out with Peter Parker continuing to get his life both as Peter and Spider-Man back on track following the events of the Superior Spider-Man comic arc. And that’s the first impression I immediately got with this issue is that unlike #1 I didn’t feel like I needed to know about 100 things that had happened previously to fully understand everything.

Amazing Spider-Man #2 2That being said it’s hard not to see this issue and the comic’s first issue as somewhat of an extension to Superior Spider-Man as almost everything that happens in this issue deals with the fallout from Doctor Octopus’ actions as Spider-Man. From Peter’s interaction with Anna Maria and the Avengers to his battle with Electro, all of it is heavily grounded in the events of the past.

This is an issue that is once again mostly played for laughs, although there are some serious. Slott’s writing of Spider-Man’s sense of humour is simply spot-on. The first comedic moment being the incongruity between Anna Maria finding out that the man she loved was actually super villain Doctor Octopus and her actions in baking cookies and going for a walk was amusing. Ramos’s artwork here showing Peter’s perplexed face and attempts to really drive the point home sold the whole scene.

Then there’s little things like Peter finding out that Doctor Octopus had changed his ringtone to Beethoven’s Fifth and Peter saying “They must be on Season 3 of Smash right?” (of course the show was cancelled after two seasons). These are small moments of clever comedy that only really work if the reader is aware of the Superior Spider-Man events but they help to really make this world with Peter Parker in his own body feel much more real.

Again, the Avenger’s scene with Spider-Woman proclaiming that the cookies are good, with Spidey being late, wearing pants (trousers) and quipping away whilst the rest of the Avengers look stern and concerned is great, as is the seriousness of situation especially when Flash Thompson as Agent Venom comes into the mix and Spider-Man punches Captain America.

The artwork in that moment, especially when Spider-Woman and Iron-Man are ready to fight back and also throughout the issue whenever Electro and his particularly form of blue electricity are around is stunning. Ramos has done a fantastic job here and the fight between Spidey and Electro looked great. The panel where the water finally comes out of the hydrant after a comedic delayed start does a great job of setting water and electricity apart.

What makes all of these moments better is that all of the reveals and revelations that I’m learning as a new comic-book reader are also being learnt by Peter Parker on the page, both himself and the audience start on the same page as he also has very little knowledge of what happened before Doctor Octopus gave him his body back. Sure dramatic irony is a great narrative tool but sometimes it’s nice to be on the same page as the protagonist rather than all knowing omnipotency.Amazing Spider-Man #2 4

Again not much happens and the issue is a little slow but the development of Anna Maria as a character and ally to Spider-Man is great and she’s an awesome difference from Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy. I also really enjoyed the Electro scenes with Francine as he tragically kills her, I haven’t really seen any villain backstory in comic-books and this was my first real indicator of the man behind the villainry.

As for the reveal that Parker Industries would be attempting to catch and depower super-villains as well as building a new super-prison I’m not really sure how to take it. In one instance I’m glad that someone’s finally attempting to prevent super-powered villains at the source by taking their powers away, I don’t know if this has been attempted before but it seems like a smart move.  However on the other hand yet another super-prison that yet more bad guys will break out of seems a bit repetitive and reductive, especially given that this is a new start.

Still, It’s a great issue and I’ll read next weeks!

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