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Amazing Spider-Man #1 reintroduced us to Peter Parker now fully in control of his own body and attempting to repair the relationships that Doctor Octopus broke when he was the Superior Spider-Man. You can check out the recap and review here. In Amazing Spider-Man 2 we see Peter Parker explaining the situation to a few people as he continues to try and convince people that it’s him.

Amazing Spider-Man #2 3The issue opens with another scene referring to the second mystery Spider-bite victim we know to be Silk. The mystery woman is shut away in a room with no windows and lots of food and is studying Spider-Man’s moves as she watches video tapes of his battles with villains. It’s hard to tell if she’s being villainous or if she’s admiring him.

The main storyline then directly takes off where it left off last issue with Anna Marie Marconi and Peter talking after Anna Maria has revealed that she knows that Peter is Spider-Man. Peter admits he’s Spider-Man and then reveals everything that happened with the mind-swap effectively telling Anna Maria that she’s been in love with Doc Ock the whole time. Anna’s hilarious reaction to just start cooking and Peter’s perplexed facial expressions really sell the moment. Eventually Anna goes for a walk after instructing Peter when to take the cookies she’s just made out of the oven. Peter then gets a call from the Avengers who need to talk naturally, he also finds out that Doc Ock has changed his ring-tone to Beethoven’s Fifth.

We then jump to Electro who is looking for somewhere to go after destroying the prison and winds up at someone called Francine’s house. Francise seems to love super villains as there are pictures of loads on her wall and she keeps flirting with Electro who tells her his powers have been acting up and she should stay away.

Then there’s another cut to Avengers tower and Spider-Man is there handing out cookies after being 28 minutes late because of them. We also learn that Peter didn’t know about Doc Ock changing his web formula to make it last longer so the webbing pants he made last issue are still there hence the fact he’s wearing pants (trousers). Captain America then tells Parker about Agent [Flash] Thompson being bonded with the symbiote and Spidey punches him.

Iron-Man and Spider-Woman are ready for a fight believing the punch to be a sign of a bad-guy duping them. Captain America tells them to stand-down seeing the punch as proof that Spidey was now Peter Parker. They discuss Flash being Venom and we learn that he’s in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Captain America then welcomes Spidey back to the Avengers and tells him to take the pants off.

Peter hightails to his lab to try and find a solution to his webbing-pants problem and he’s collared by Sajani who needs him to fix a glitch that has spread to their nanite delivery system. Peter has no idea how to fix it as he is no longer Doc Ock, the guy with a degree in cybernetics. He mentally pleads for someone to help and Anna appears, she tells Sajani she’s pregnant to get her to leave and then tells Peter she can teach him about nanites and cybernetics.

We cut back to Electro and Francine and they discuss the time that Doc Ock experimented on Electro and turned him into a good guy. Francine gets a little too close to Electro despite his protestations and his powers fizzle out of control seemingly killing Francine. Back the lab Anna and Peter are discussing their awkward living arrangements when a large blue lightning bolt appears. Anna tells Peter about the web solvent and goes to check it out believing it to be Electro.

Spidey tries to reason with Electro only to learn that Doc Ock did something that has made him very angry indeed. Spidey still tries to talk Electro down as a de-powered Human Torch and disguised Black Cat watch on. Spidey realises that reasoning with Electro won’t work so he goes for the good ol’ hydrant trick. There’s a hilarious delayed reaction gag and then Electro legs it as Black Cat resolves to keep an eye on everything.

Amazing Spider-Man #2 1After the fight Spidey meets the Human Torch (not so much torch) at the Statue of Liberty and the two discuss their situations over the last few months. Johnny Storm gives Peter a flash-drive with all of the tv, music and films he’s missed since he was Doctor Octopus and then tells him he’ll be back in the swing of things in no time, referring to his own death as evidence.

The last panel of this comic is the most game-changing one. After getting the idea from his conversation with Johnny Storm Peter announces that Parker Industries is putting its cybernetics line on hold and is going to find a way to capture, cure and depower Electro and then it’s going to build the best super villain holding prison New York has ever seen. Hmm, as the tag-line for the next issue says “How could this possibly go wrong.”

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