Drew Goddard leaves Daredevil for Sinister Six.

Wel all knew that Drew Goddard had been announced as the director for the Sinister Six spin-off movie in the Spider-Man franchise. However, what some people might not have known is that Goddard was also attached to Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix television series. He was certainly a man in demand at Marvel, but now in a shocking move to some, he’s departed the Daredevil project.

However, unlike Edgar Wright, who left the Antman film because of creative differences it appears that Drew Goddard left Daredevil because he’s contracted to work on something bigger – The Sinister Six movie. That’s because Drew is still involved in Daredevil as a consultant with former Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Steven S Deknight becoming the new showrunner.

As this article on THR reports, Goddard “would transition from Marvel over to Sony, and start prepping the Sinister Six film”. So it seems like production for the Sinister Six movie is ramping up and happening quicker than Goddard might have first expected, making him unable to do Daredevil.

This also has big repercussions for Sony’s Spider-Man film plans as it no longer seems that we’ll be getting Amazing Spider-Man 3 next, and instead Drew Goddard’s Sinister Six movie will be the next one in line. Although I guess given the events at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2, and that Shazam end-credits tease revealing potential Sinister Six members this kind-of makes sense!

So it’s likely that there aren’t any problems with Daredevil spelling a rough patch for Marvel, what with the Antman situation as well, and it’s more than likely that Sony have green-lit Goddard’s Sinister Six for June 10 2016 as the next Spider-Man film, off the back of the small set-up the super-villain team recieved in Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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