Superior Spider-Man to return in August as part of the Spider-Verse

Amazing Spider-Man has only just started and Peter Parker has only just returned after Doctor Octopus relinquished control of Spider-Man’s body back to the original Spider-Man. But have no fear Spider-Fans, the widely popular and successful ‘Freaky Friday’ storyline will be making a sudden, dramatic yet brief return with issues #32 and #33 in August and September.

That’s right there’s going to be two more issues of Doctor Octopus’ Spider-Man. Superior Spider-Man #32 and #33 will focus on the nine hours that Doc Ock’s Spidey was sent to Spidey 2099’s timeline and it will tell the story of his struggle to return back to the ‘Amazing Spider-Man universe’.

Superior Spider-Talk reports that the two-issue story by Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Guiseppe Camuncoli (#32) and Adam Kubert (#33) will see Otto trying to get back to the present but he’ll find another Peter Parker “That is very different from the one we know”. All of this time-traveling, different Peter Parkers and Spider-Men returning, is officially heralding the start of the Spider-Verse, with the new Superior Spider-Man titles acting as the starting point for the huge Spider-Man storyline event.

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