Electro in his traditional green and yellow get-up

Max Dillon's birthday cake is an Electro Easter-egg in Amazing Spider-Man 2



There’s yet another Easter-egg in Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 game which is chock-full of Easter eggs. We’ve already seen  a reference to the Daily Bugle viral site, a reference to a symbiote, a potential Doctor Octopus tease, Aleksei Sytsevich’s pants, a homage to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, and a clever use of star-signs. But now we have Max Dillon’s self-made birthday cake.

Max Dillon's Birthday Cake.

Max Dillon’s Birthday Cake.

Whilst the cake was a good visual tool to help further Dillon’s unhealthy obsession with Spider-Man, and to help demonstrate just how tragic a character the social-outcast Max Dillon was the cake had one other purpose. As you can see the decoration is green and yellow which seems like a rather obvious nod towards the traditional costume and appearance we’ve come to associate with Electro.

So there you go! The cake with the yellow lightning bolts and green trimming clearly resembles the character of Electro from the comic books and not the big, blue ‘Mr Freeze-esque’ Electro that we now know him as.

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