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List of Spidey-suits available in Amazing Spider-Man 2 game

So we know about the Web Threads pre-order bonus for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game featuring four cool Spidey-suits, the Noir, Cosmic, Iron and Black suit. We also know that the Playstation order bonus for buying the game from the Playstation store is the Electro-Proof suit. 

But which other suits will appear in the game? Well here’s a neat little picture showing you!

Unfortunately there’s no Bombastic Bag Man but there is the 2099 suit, Jacketed Vigilante suit and Ultimate Suit.  What do you think of these suit choices. Which Spider-suits would you like to see in the game? With the five pre-order bonuses as well as the ones pictured above there is still one unknown suit in the game. I wonder what it is.

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