Spider-Man and Spider-Kid

Amazing Spider-Man 2's Spider-kid was Andrew Garfield's idea

Who can forget that moment reminiscent of the Tiananmen Square Tank Man when the little bullied boy that Spider-Man rescued earlier on in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 wore his Spider-Man costume and faced down a heavily armoured battle tank toting Rhino. It was a pretty powerful scene.

However it wouldn’t have been in the film at all were it not for Andrew Garfield’s input on the script. The Spider-Man actor recently revealed in an interview with comicbookresources.com that the idea of Spider-Man rescuing the bullied boy and fixing his science project came from him.

“It’s so funny that you mention that, and I’m excited you felt that way. The boy, the bullied boy, was not a character in the original script. He was actually a thought that I had about wanting to see me as a seven-year-old in the movie. I mentioned it to Marc and the writers. I suggested that we see the exact thing that I needed when I was a seven-year-old, to have it happen to a seven-year-old: Spider-Man showing up to give him the strength to find his own inner-strength, even though he’s this incredibly skinny seven-year-old. I’m really proud of that.”

Garfield then goes on to mention another scene that was his idea involving Spider-Man taking time out from fighting bad-guys to comically rescue a cat from a tree. However as most of you are now probably aware (sorry America, you’ll see it soon) there is no scene with Spider-Man getting a cat from a tree.

“I had this one idea that Spider-Man, in the middle of a car chase, decides he’ll pull out of the car chase for a minute if there’s an old lady who needs help crossing the street. And actually, there was a scene that I had written with the writers, and a movement director — a physical comedy director — where I was saving a cat from a tree. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to shoot it. But I love that. That’s what Spider-Man is about, to me. He’s about the small stuff, as much as he’s about the big stuff. Especially that Jorge character, the bullied character; he was hugely important to me.”

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