Spider-Man's box office haul is okay so far

Amazing Spider-Man 2 now at $132 million overseas

It’s really weird writing overseas, because I’m in the UK but I have to consider myself ‘overseas’ when it comes to Amazing Spider-Man 2’s box office takings. But on-top of the $47 million the film took on it’s debut weekend, the film has taken another $67.2 million this weekend as it debuted in 28 new foreign markets.

The total box office takings for Amazing Spider-Man 2 now lies somewhere in the region of $132 million, which is reportedly around 30% of the total cost of the film, with the film’s budget being near $255 million dollars and $180-190 million set aside for marketing (and market the film they did!)

But with the film hitting at least 400 theatres in North America when it is released on the 2nd of May, which is an incredible rollout only beaten by Twilight, and it’s also yet to open in China, Brazil and France there is a lot more money expected to be coming in. With the domestic takings from America set to be huge.

Among the movie’s new foreign markets South Korea led with $13.4 million. The movie also opened to $8.9 million in Russia, followed by Italy ($6.5 million), Japan ($5.2 million), Taiwan ($4.1 million) and Venezuela ($1.5 million). Here in the UK it’s still #1 and has made a total of $27.8 million, whilst Mexico is standing at $19.5 million. Imax has also raked in viewers with its 146 screens generating $7 million in ticket sales.

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