Andrew Garfield's suit at the Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere.

Buy Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man 2 London premiere suit

Andrew Garfield's premiere suit is available to buy ...

Andrew Garfield’s premiere suit is available to buy …

Now I think every person in the world has wanted to be more like Spider-Man and now you sort-of can. Okay, so you can’t get the powers and web-sling around your neighbourhood popping off wisecracks at petty criminals, and you can’t even really get a decent looking Spider-suit.

However you can now look a bit more like the person that is currently playing Spider-Man on the big screen – Andrew Garfield. That’s because for some bizarre reasons there’s a place on the internet that exists seemingly solely to sell you the same suits that stars wear at movie premieres.

Head on over to bonanza to buy Andrew Garfield’s premiere suit priced at a relatively affordable $199.99 dollars, with free shipping. The suit itself is hand-made and apparently there is only ‘one’ available. You can see the suit to the left and as you can see it’s a relatively stylish number. I’m pretty sure this website is trying to pull a fast one and convince people that this is actually the suit that Garfield wore, although I’m not sure enough.

If Andrew’s London premiere suit isn’t enough you can always buy Leonardo Dicaprio’s Inception premiere suit, or John Cena’s The Day the Earth Stood Still premiere suit. Personally though neither of those guys have a patch on our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man actor.

Sadly I won’t be buying the suit this time but heck, if it was the Spidey-suit from the film I’d have bought it already.

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