Gameloft's Amazing Spider-Man 2 mobile game

Bam Smack Pow reviews Amazing Spider-Man 2 mobile game

The good folks over at Bam Smack Pow  have reviewed the Amazing Spider-Man 2 mobile game developed by Gameloft. I’d highly recommend heading on over to Bam Smack Pow for all comic-book related news, rumours and gossip. But what did they have to say about the game?

Happily, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 avoids following in their footsteps by doing a good job capturing the way Spidey should feel. He swings, flips and walks up walls with reckless abandon, his Spider-Sense is incorporated logically into the combat, and he makes wisecracks during the cutscenes. Even though I’m dubious about the movie it’s based on, the game gets my stamp of approval.

Fans of the original source material will also appreciate the fact that all of the unlockable costumes are based on things you’ve seen in the comics and seem to have been chosen mainly for their visual appeal. Hence the Iron Spider costume, which is simply cool. The list of villains goes beyond the movie (at least I think it does, as the film hasn’t hit theaters yet) which is another welcome bonus.

That’s just a short summary of the full review which you can read here. I plan to get my hands on the game at some point and I’ll be able to see if I agree with Bam Smack Pow’s thoughts and feelings on the game, so be sure to look out for my review on that!

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