Kingpin in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game

Amazing Spider-Man 2 game to be released on Xbox-One after all?

Earlier Whatever a Spider Can ran the story that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game had been pulled from a release on the Xbox One. However it now seems that the game’s release on that platform is back on track. Although this new announcement will do nothing to sate the cynics that are saying that this was a deliberate move by Sony to push the game on their own console.

The reported release of Xbox-One’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now July 1st 2014 according to an updated product page on GameStop’s website. Amazon have also changed the game’s release date on the Xbox One to July 1st so it seems that we will be getting the game on that platform after all.

My guess is that the graphics/game itself weren’t up to scratch on the Xbox-One so the developers needed more time to improve the game and now they reckon it’ll be ready by July. But naturally until we hear from Activision none of this can be confirmed so it might all be poppycock or balderdash, or any other quaint english word that means wrong.

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